Sustainable Building Solutions

with Wombat Construction

Wombat Construction began with James Cornell, a top-level master carpenter who believes in doing things right the first time.

As interest in low energy buildings grows, Wombat has moved to Australia to continue using Pavatex and introducing these great building systems to both Australia and New Zealand. Get in touch to find out more!

James has grown the company to the point where it is now involved on many levels with the design and construction of extensions and buildings of great reputation. More than just builders, the team at Wombat are craftsmen who help turn ideas and drawings into homes and buildings to be proud of.

Sustainability is often misunderstood, and at Wombat we believe in using products that are sustainable, not only in the way they are produced but also in how they benefit the end user and the length of time they last, therefore reducing waste and upkeep costs. As part of this commitment to sustainability, members of the team have trained to be approved installers of 'rubber4roofs' a roofing membrane with a 50-year life expectancy. For a revolution in building and home comfort, we are trained and approved installers of PAVATEX, a Swiss building system that ranges from basic building regs right up to Passivehaus and zero heating. It improves the air quality, and as well as that has excellent acoustic properties and can reduce energy bills.

Wombat are all about doing things in the way they should be done, using good quality products that last and make the task of building easier. We do quality work without cutting corners, we use efficient and effective methods of costing a project and we always keep a tight reign on budgets - all of this designed to help you the client.

Life Panels

Life Panels

Life Panels are a proudly Australian-based company, established by James Cornell in 2017. Life Panels are experts in natural products and effective building materials and building systems, using the natural wood fibre boards manufactured by PAVATEX. Life Panels have introduced into the Australasian market a fantastic product that meets a rapidly growing demand for sustainable living, low-energy buildings and non-toxic building materials.

James’s experience in construction, and his trade qualifications as a Master Carpenter and company director of Wombat Construction have given him the insight and forward thinking to pioneer building systems and methods that are still not commonplace.


PAVATEX wood fibre boards are individual panels used to clad and insulate.

Over the last 6 years, Life Panels have developed a strong relationship with PAVATEX and therefore are the best-placed company to distribute and establish PAVATEX as a market leader in natural, non toxic, and vapour-open buildings.

Life Panels also offer manufacture of pre-fabricated timber frame panels that will be clad with PAVATEX boards.

Timber frame Pavatex wall insulation


We are very happy to have developed strong links to leading hemp builders, Balanced Earth Building. There are some other exciting developments brewing, and we will have plenty more to announce over the coming months!

Certification and Codemark

Whilst the european market has the same high standards and testing criteria as Australia, with the introduction of any new market and product into Australasia there are standards to be met. Life Panels are currently working with BCA (Building Codes Australia) and SIA global and Codemark on the relevant standards that PAVATEX meets. To encourage you on the types of standards we are investing in, Bush FireAttack Level ) BAL 29 and BAL 40 are high on the agenda.

2 products will be available initially:

1. Combi - isolair

Combi - isolair

Universal Woodfibre Insulation Board for Cladding, tiling, plaster and render
Applications include:
Roof - over or under rafter
Wall - on to studs or existing masonry
Sizes available mm - 60, 80, 100, 120
Combi Isolair boards must be stored dry and protected prior to installation. Once installed, the boards can be left unprotected on site for up to 90 days*
More details available on request

2. Pavatherm


Woodfibre Insulation Boards Application
Roof - over or under rafter with a base (ply/OSB) or on CLT
Wall - on to studs with a base or existing masonry or on CLT
Floor - over or under joists with a base (ply/OSB) or on CLT
Sizes available mm - 60, 80, 100, 120
More details available on request


Life Panels can supply all the relevant fixing required for each board. For a list of costs and product data sheets please contact Life Panels.


Life Panels have built up good relationships with trusted and reliable Freight and Logistics companies to deliver your product requirements as efficiently as possible, all over Australasia!

In addition to providing these remarkably beneficial products, Life Panels can also offer comprehensive training and on-site support for you in the correct usage and installation of PAVATEX. As the market develops we aim to offer individuals or companies the relevant training to become approved/certified installers of PAVATEX, giving you the leading edge amongst trades who are moving towards new and better ways of natural and sustainable building.

Within Australia there is growing desire to create sustainable buildings which carry either low or non-toxic material. A review of PAVATEX by building biologists found that the product fulfils this desire by offering the following benefits:

  • NO FORMALDEHYDE other than non-toxic, naturally occurring levels found in the tree
  • Breathability
  • No off-gassing
  • Vapour-open
  • Moisture control
  • Humidity control
  • Summer time cooling
  • Winter time warming

All PAVATEX products are of ecologically particularly high quality and they are biologically safe building materials whose sustainability is documented, e.g. by the EPD environmental product declaration. View the PAVATEX pdf, page 24.


Low energy buildings

With energy prices increasing year upon year, Wombat believe in using PAVATEX (shown below). This is a complete building system that improves build ability and speed on site that doesn't cost as much as people think, and also has clear benefits.

Full house builds

Working with a number of professional services from Architects to Structural Engineers and Building Regulation Services, Wombat have the team and skills to cover every aspect required for your project. Our comprehensive Project Management tools keep the efficiency and productivity in good shape, as well as providing clear records of ways to make things better job by job.


No Project is too tricky, no design impossible. Our track record shows our ability to deliver some complex projects. Having Master Carpenters on the team enables us to offer traditional hand-cut roofs no matter how complex. In addition to our skills we also have a trusted team of sub-contractors which we have taken time to establish. This is of great benefit to us as it enables us to deliver our customers' projects as required.

Structural work, carpentry and joinery services

Just have a look through our Facebook gallery to see the kind of things we do!

Design and drawings services in conjunction with some of our trusted connections

A new element to Wombat's services is that one of the team is currently fulfilling his ambition to gain qualifications in project management and design. This means we can work closely with other professional services like Architects and Structural Engineers, to deliver your project in the most cost-effective way. Typically projects can become disjointed because of the different services involved, but by managing your project from the beginning and being around to offer advice on every aspect of the project we can enable a smoother, quicker process, and most importantly the best value for money.